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We Conduct Research Studies to Promote Clinical Excellence
Supporting Our Communities… The NeighborhoodCare Foundation is a nonprofit organization that conducts and supports Quality Improvement Research for the implementation of optimized health services in local communities.

As a leader in promoting clinical excellence, the NeighborhoodCare Foundation works in collaboration with Western IRB (Institutional Review Board) to study how to best achieve and deliver the highest quality compassionate medical care.


We Improve the quality of Health Care for Healthier Families 
Optimal Health & Wellness for All… NeighborhoodCare Foundation encourages a blanket approach to care, noting that human beings can maximize the potential of their health when wrapping the needs of spiritual, psychological, social and physical domains of their being in one.

Through the study and implementation of more personalized and all-encompassing medical care, NeighborhoodCare Foundation seeks to educate and promote personalized Wellness and SupportiveCare Programs.

We Educate & Train Confident Compassionate Health Care Professionals 
Reaching Out, Changing Lives for the Better… Collaborating with community partners, NeighborhhoodCare Foundation advocates for the education and training of health care professionals, so they may be fully equipped with skills they need to provide the best possible care to patients and their families.

Working with organizations, such as, hospice, home health, transitional care programs, chronic disease management programs, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, long-term acute care facilities and subacute facilities, NeighborhoodCare Foundation reaches out and touches lives by exceeding standards and enriching healthcare for all.


We Offer a Grants Funds for Research in Wellness & Supportive Care
Improving Health Care… Take Action Now! Interested in improving the quality of care for the patients and families you serve; apply for a grant. Organizations may obtain a grant to participate in a community-based quality improvement research studies, involving Wellness and Supportive Care programs.

Areas of study will include, but are not limited to, palliative care, transitional care, chronic disease management, hospice, home health and others throughout the continuum of care.

NeighborhoodCare Foundation partners with healthcare professionals and organizations in multiple California locations, including but not limited to Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego Counties. Click here to download a grant application.

We Raise Awareness of and advocate for Wellness Programs 
Hold a Hand, Touch a Heart… NeighborhoodCare Foundation seeks to improves the quality of medical care given to individuals and their families through the sharing of good practices.

By providing resources, education, training and grant programs, the NeighborhoodCare Foundation raises awareness as well as supports the development high quality Wellness and Supportive Care in healthcare.


We Bring Better Health Care Home to Patients & Their Families 
One Patient at a Time… The NeighborhoodCare Foundation serves communities in promoting personal health and wellness for individual and their families. Our research and education champions compassionate, quality, heath care for all!


NeighborhoodCare Foundation is a department of CrossBreeze Charities a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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