Championing Clinical Excellence

The NeighborhoodCare Foundation is a leader in championing clinical excellence through sponsoring research in the area of Wellness and Supportive Care. In collaboration with Western IRB (Institutional Review Board), NeighborhoodCare Foundation conducts scientific studies on how to best achieve and deliver the highest quality compassionate medical services, while improving patient-family satisfaction and reducing costs of treatment.

Advocating for Personalized Treatment

In a health care industry historically challenged by siloed care, NeighborhoodCare Foundation advocates for personalized treatment for patients and their families through providing first rate Wellness and Supportive Care programs. NeighborhoodCare Foundation’s pioneering research, which measures positive outcomes and trends in patient care, backs and supports these innovative programs, which promote the education and training of health care providers in becoming skilled gentle and responsive expert care providers.

Encouraging Customized and Dignified Humanistic Care

Throughout the continuum of health care needs, NeighborhoodCare Foundation’s research findings and educational programs, encourage processes for treating and comforting patients with not just skilled proficiency in current medical procedures, but in customized and dignified humanistic care. Patients and families who are dealing with significant illnesses and advanced diseases can benefit from enhanced wellness and even in the context of these challenges.

Currently Conducting Research

NeighborhoodCare Foundation’s research is conducted at the community level and is not attached to any particular institution or organization but rather with the community at large. In collaboration with partners, SupportiveCareNetwork and SupportiveCare Medical Group, the NeighborhoodCare Foundation is currently conducting research in California counties, including but not limited to, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego.

NeighborhoodCare Foundation is a department of CrossBreeze Charities a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.